• Hot water shower

    Technical characteristics of hot shower :

    Tension- 220V~
    Power- 5.4KW
    Wire**- 4mm2/10AWG
    Working Pressure – 10a 400kpa(1 a 40mca***)
    Circuit Breaker -25A
    Protection Degree – IP24
    Grounding Wire -Yes
    Compatible -Yes
    Hose with hand shower head -Yes

    Hot water shower

    ৳ 1,990
  • Instant Portable Water Heater Jinie Bio Geyser

    If you always need warm water for a bath, it’s the best product. You just have to be careful that u-turn on the water tap first and then turn on the geyser. While turning off too…first switch the power off then.. as the incoming water is cold…turn it off.

  • Go Duster

    Cleaning has never been easier. Guess what, this time Makkah Madinah Shop offers products that will make your life easier and save you time. This is a Go Duster and it comes with a powerful battery with any tape that is the best hand for dusting. Now you don’t have to move your hands to clean blindfolds, furniture, electronics, glassware, and other inaccessible items. All you need is Go Duster and your dust removal will be quick, easy, and fun! The cleaner has a removable head that rotates quite smoothly at the touch of a button, creating a static charge that can pick up dust like a magnet. Designed for comfort, the handle of this product is ergonomic and balanced, so it is easy to feel the dust. Even adults and children will love it. Go Duster has a multi-surface dust spray that retains dust and increases its dust activity. When finished, wash and dry the featherhead under the tap.

    Go Duster

    ৳ 990
  • Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner

    ৳ 1,050৳ 1,200
  • Portable USB Juice Maker

    ৳ 1,250৳ 1,350
  • USB Electric Fly Trap

    ৳ 990৳ 1,100

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