Chili Powder (মরিচ গুঁড়া)

৳ 500৳ 1,500 (-4%)

There are many kind of spices for cooking. Chili powder is one of these spices. There are many health benefits of it. It plays an important role in making our cooking delicious.


৳ 500৳ 1,500 (-4%)



Chili Powder 

Chili Powder is a type of spice used in cooking. We prepare it from dried chilies. We use Pepper Powder in almost all curries to make our cooking delicious. From the experience of cooking, we understand how much adulteration free and fresh Pepper Powder is need­­­­­­­­­ in this case. So, we realize it that this is an important ingredient in our kitchen.

Making Process

For Pepper Powder processing, firstly farmers collect mature chilies from the agricultural land. Then they dry up the chilies very well in the sun. Then the dried chilies are peeled and crushed by a machine, packed in vacuum bags, sealed and stored. Finally, the businessman are marketing the powder. Basically, this is an organic process.

Amazing health benefits

1.Improves Digestion and Metabolism

2.Saves against Various Incurable Diseases

3.Maintains Blood Pressure Levels

4.Increases Cognitional Functions

5.Great Source of Minerals

6.Can use topically for Joint Pain Relief

7.Can help individuals fight infections

8.Helps in weight loss

So, there are many many benefits of powdered chili.

Why you should buy Chili Powder from Makkah Madinah Shop?

  • Our pepper powder is 100% adulteration free and safe
  • We provide the correct weight
  • Prepare from Pure and Fresh Chilies
  • Process and package under direct supervision
  • We used no artificial color and smell
  • Makkah Madinah Shop ensures Return Policy opportunity with Cashback Guarantee

How to test chili powder

  • For the test, Add a teaspoon pepper powder in a glass of water. If the solution turns into red color, this powder has adulteration. If this case is not happened, then this chili powder is pure.
  • When you buy this powder for the first time, test it thoroughly to see if it retains the flavor of the curry. If it retains the test, you can buy it next time.

Chili powder price in Bangladesh

The price of this powder in Bangladesh is standard, not high or low. But this price has variation from brand to brand. There are many brand of pepper powder. Such as Kashmiri, Korean, Fresh etc.


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