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Who doesn’t want to look smart? If you are fat, then you will not be able to wear your dresses comfortably. Slimming Belt makes a perfect healthy slim body feel to you great inside.


৳ 1,530৳ 1,600 (-4%)


The Slimming Belt is an AB toning system which uses a unique oscillating massage action to tone up specific body parts. The Slimming Belt will help you burn calories, lose weight, and eliminate cellulite. The slimming belt provides heated massage with clockwise and counterclockwise motion. Use this massage belt regularly, 10-15 minutes a day.  The Slimming Belt will allow your muscles to contract, 30-50 times per second. It works by dynamically stimulating your fat cells so they are transformed into fatty acid glycerol which us then passed out as perspiration (sweat).


The Slimming Belt are designed to help you achieve that ideal figure. It can be used on the legs, waist, and other body parts conveniently. The Slimming Belt messages efficiently, promoting blood circulation and accelerating the breakdown of fat, thus helping you achieve weight loss quicker. Correspondingly, it also stimulates blood flow and eliminates pain and stress with the reduction of occurrences in lactic acid. This slimming belt also helps indigestion, by massaging your abdominal area. You can adjust the massage intensities to ensure maximum satisfaction and gain better returns.

Get the full benefits of Electric Slimming Belt just using 10 minutes every day. For Better result, you may need to use your Slimming Belt two times in a day.

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