• Revoflex Xtreme

    Revoflex Xtreme trainer:

    For pumping up the muscles of the arms, legs, back, and press
    A compact and incredibly functional full-body trainer will help you pump different muscle groups and get in great shape. The Revoflex Xtreme device for working the muscles of the arms, abdomen, back, and thighs is a great alternative to bulky machines or expensive gym memberships. This handy workout accessory is easy to store on your desk or under your bed. Workouts are available from several positions: standing, sitting, lying on your stomach with an emphasis on your hands. The simulator is a platform for support and an elastic latex rubber rope with plastic holders in the form of a kettlebell. Choose a comfortable position for training the desired muscle group and begin to progressively pull the cable and return it to its original position. Included with the simulator are a carrying bag and detailed instructions with examples of exercises. Keep your body in good shape!
    Distinctive features:
    – 6 workout levels – Material: rope – latex, mat – durable plastic – Elastic rope – Foot braces – Storage bag included
    Looking for an alternative to expensive gym memberships?

    With the Revoflex Xtreme muscle trainer (Slide en Ton) you can conduct effective workouts right at home!

    Comfortable handles are interconnected by a durable elastic rope, in the middle of which there is a special soft footrest. When fixing the stand under the feet, it is necessary to lift the handles up, overcoming the resistance force of the rubber ropes, as a result of which the muscles come into tone. The simulator has 6 levels of training, consisting of 44 exercises.
    bag; training apparatus


    Revoflex Xtreme

    ৳ 900৳ 990

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